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Established in 2020, Wings for Learning is a community organization that serves school age youth who have unique learning needs and benefit from specialized supports. Teachers created Wings for Learning in response to parents whose children benefited from our approach and could not find similar organizations in the Houston-area. We not only build meaningful relationships with our students and provide high-quality intervention, but also support our families as they navigate their unique learning journey.  

We have experience serving a wide range of students and abilities, including those diagnosed with learning disorders, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, and speech and language disorders. We also have experience supporting students who struggle with organization, working memory, attention and staying focused as well as students who are simply struggling in school. We pride ourselves on being responsive, individualized, and working with each student's educational and therapeutic team to ensure meaningful and streamlined support. 

In 2022, we became a nonprofit so that we could widen our net and support underserved communities. 


Wings for Learning provides individualized academic and social intervention and support to enable every student to recognize their strengths, advocate for themselves, and use functional strategies when needed. Students learn HOW to learn, not just what to learn.



A world where all students love learning. 

Core Values

Our core values reflect our commitment to provide relevant and meaningful services that prepare and inspire students to make a difference in their communities. This commitment infuses all levels of the organization and provides the acronym for our name - W.I.N.G.S.


Our students have permission to be curious without needing to arrive at a correct answer. Our professionals provide experiences and opportunities that spark interest and lead students to ask questions and explore a topic. 


Our students think critically by researching topics from all angles. They are encouraged to analyze experiences, books, articles, interviews, and pictures while also making connections to background knowledge. Our approach adapts to the needs and focus of the learner. 


Our professionals facilitate perspective taking by helping students consider the bigger pictures or zoom in to find a detail they didn't see before. This observation process is also key to strengthening and generalizing academic skills. 


With strong perspective taking and self-awareness, our students learn how to leverage their unique strengths to make positive changes in their communities. When we experience the impact we have on those around us, we develop an understanding of the power we have to affect change in our lives. 


 When we act as catalysts for change, we feel hope and a connection to others; we find purpose and happiness while contributing to the happiness of others. Our students become more efficient and independent learners as wells as more resilient and connected individuals.

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