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Connection Builders was created in response to families who had received social intervention in clinics but not seeing a generalization of the interpersonal and teamwork skills that help us be successful in relationships and when collaborating with others.  

The group is community-based and focuses on building self-awareness and awareness of others as members learn to leverage their own strengths while appreciating those of others in a team setting. Each session ends with a community service project or an activity that serves others. Throughout the semester, members are exposed to strategic thinking frameworks, actively participate in project planning, and invited to reflect on various measures of success as determined by the group. It is facilitated by Speech and Language Pathologist and Special Education teacher who are able to provide dynamic, in-the-moment supports. 

Connection Builders meets 6 times each semester and is designed for students under 12 years old. We see this program as a perfect stepping stone into our groups for older teens because members build foundational skills required for being out in the community and part of a larger group.

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